Forbes India Brand Connect Cost: Tips to Get Featured & Promoted

Forbes India Brand Connect

I run an SEO agency in Midland, Texas. We have got a fair number of local clients due to our quality of work and efficiency. This year we decided to spend on online advertising to increase our client base and as a result, we got many new clients. We also got a client who wanted to get his brand featured on Forbes India as his affiliated business is located in India.

This was totally a new experience for us as all of our work till now has been focused on the US only, particularly in our local region. But since his project contained many more tasks apart from getting promoted on Forbes India, we gladly accepted it. We knew about “Forbes”, but “Forbes India” was a first-time word for us.

We started searching for promoted/featured posts on Forbes India and found many which clearly mentioned at the top “Paid Post” and at the bottom as “advertisements”. There were many such articles in the “Upfront” section of Forbes India. We found that there is a specific terminology used by Forbes India for such posts and that is “Brand Connect” like the example (IMAGE) below:

Now, our target was to find out the method to get an article posted on “Forbes India Brand Connect” for our client. We started searching for “Forbes India Brand Connect” cost and publishing mechanism. After spending a few hours, we only found out two vendors who could provide us with brand promotion on Forbes India.

  1. TheMediaAnt.Com

This was easy to find as all details related to Forbes India Brand Connect were given clearly on this website. The Forbes India brand connect cost was given as Rs. 250,000 + Rs 45,000 (Rs 295,000) which was roughly $4000 for us.


I saw its ad regarding Forbes India posted on some classified site. However, its official site did not contain any direct information about it. I contacted the email given on the website to enquire about the cost. The cost for Forbes India brand connect quoted by them was Rs 220,000 (all-inclusive) which was roughly $3000 for us.

The difference between both the price (Option 1 and Option 2) was quite big ($1000 or Rs. 75000). We decided to go with the 2nd option as it was less pricey. However, we found that the site “MagnusWire” was owned by an individual and the amount to be transferred was to be done to a private individual name rather than an organization. This looked uncomfortable for us. When we enquired about this issue, the owner of MagnusWire said that his PayPal account is verified which means that PayPal has verified his details.

We went ahead with the order after being convinced by him. The turnaround time for publishing content was given as 10 days after payment, but he got it posted on the 6th day itself (much earlier than his deadline). To protect our clients' identity, we cannot reveal the exact article, but we finally got it done on Forbes India.

Since most of our client base is from the US and the process of finding the method to get featured in Forbes India took us ample time (to find the mechanism of publishing content), we decided to post an article related to it so that others looking out for the same can also benefit. If you too are looking for details related to Forbes India brand promotion and found this post useful, kindly share it on your social network or comment below.